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Asif RazzaqAsif Razzaq is a Digital Health Business Strategist with robust medical device and biotech industry experience and an enviable portfolio in development of Health Apps, AI, and Digital Marketing. An astute entrepreneur, Asif has distinguished himself as a startup management professional by successfully growing startups from launch phase into profitable businesses. This has earned him awards including, the SGPGI NCBL Young Biotechnology Entrepreneurs Award.

Asif also has verifiable proficiency in Turnaround management and Bottom-line performance; he has helped organizations achieve increased revenues through aggressive marketing and management initiatives.

He has also worked extensively with USA’s leading medical device and biotech organizations like Bioviva, MedTech Catalyst, HealthConnexions and Epinex Diagnostics.

Asif Razzaq is Google AdWords Mobile and Search Engine certified. He is also Inbound certified from Hubspot. He holds a degree in Biotechnology from India, a Graduate Certificate in Bio Science Management from Keck Graduate Institute, California, a Certificate in Design Thinking for Business Innovation from The University of Virginia Darden School of Business and, a Certificate Training on Financial Modeling from Stanford University.

Asif is invested in helping businesses achieve turnaround through aggressive digital marketing growth strategies and digital health initiatives. He hopes to become one of America’s most renowned Digital Health Business Strategist and CEO in a few years.

He currently lives in California USA but provides specialized consulting services to businesses across the United States on demand.

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Digital Asif | Digital Marketing | Tustin California (909) 929-9065 (main number) Email: [email protected]


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