5 Reasons Why you should Blog


A blog is an essential tool in the current age. Some people have been blogging for years and have made millions in revenue. Hence I thought of writing this article to explain my understanding and reasons why you must blog.

1. Tell your story to the broader audience: By writing blogs on any specific niche not only you get more views on your website/blog but also you grow your following.

2. Connect with people like you: Apart from following, you will also get noticed by bloggers and experts from your niche market. This interaction can help you to invite people to guest post on your blog, or other people will invite you to guest post on their blog. Either of the ways, you will grow your network.

3. Better Job Opportunities: Nowadays every company’s recruitment team looks at candidates social profile before hiring. A blog can seriously help you to get highlighted in search of the job.

4. Establish an Expert in you: Writing blogs doesn’t only mean that you are writing for the hobby. You will learn a lot of new things while researching on the internet before you write on a topic. This learning and writing will help you to expertise on particular issues and can make an expert.

5. Earn while you write: Blogging can let you earn money in many ways. If your audience size is big, you can cash in many ways. Affiliate marketing for other’s products is a right way of making money for bloggers. Advertisements, product mention, and reviews are some another right way of creating revenue for bloggers.

Hence I think blogging can surely bring a big difference in a professional’s life.

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Asif Razzaq is a seasoned digital marketing specialist and digital health expert with robust industry experience and an enviable portfolio in Business Development, Digital Marketing, Market Research and Animation.


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