How Doctors Can Use Social Media

How Doctors Can Use Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, as almost 200 million people in the U.S. alone are active users of social media. However, while a huge number of people use these sites, the medical industry is yet to catch up and start using them to their full potential. If doctors start utilizing the power of social media, though, then they could really boost both the effectiveness and profitability of their practice. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 ways that can be of real help to doctors.

  1. Boosting Efficiency

When used right, social media can go a long way to helping make those little admin tasks a lot easier. For instance, you can hook up your social media accounts with appointment scheduling programs which allow patients to easily see when you’re available and then make an appointment. New patients are much more likely to register with you if they can easily find all the contact info they need. If you go one step further, and let them register quickly and simply online, then there’s no excuse for them not to sign up with you!

There are multiple tools for marketing that can boost efficiency. Some of them are listed below

Stencil — A must-have Application for designing social media Articles

Canva — a tool to create custom graphics

Sprout Social — a tool to manage and your social media

2. Providing Some Useful Information to Your Patients

Nowadays, social media is replacing search engines as the main source of our knowledge online. Instead of going searching for info, people like to have it presented to them- and doctors can use that to their advantage. As a doctor, you will certainly have specialist knowledge that others might find useful, so why not share that knowledge with the world? From blog posts shared on your Facebook page to YouTube videos providing some useful information, offering something of real value to your followers is a great way to building up a loyal community on social media.

There are multiple tools for blogging and Youtube. Some of them are listed below

HubSpot Blog Idea Generator:  Is a superb tool for ideas on sites for the rest of the week.

BuzzsumoIt gives trending social media posts on a topic.

3. Make Professional Contacts

Social media isn’t all about personal use, either. In fact, one of the biggest platforms out there, LinkedIn, is dedicated to users looking to expand their professional network, and connect with others in their field. Not only is it a great way of making new contacts, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to highlight the journey that your career has taken. Focus on your particular area of expertise, and craft posts that show just why you are a leading figure in your sector. LinkedIn is your chance to show off what makes you a great doctor- so don’t miss out on the opportunity!

There are multiple tools for LinkedIn. Some of them are listed below

Crystal- This is an app and Chrome extension that helps you learn about your contact. It helps with better and more personalized communication with the target profile. It also suggests how to write an email to a LinkedIn contact according to their personality.

RapportiveThis is a Plugin/Extension that helps you to connect with people on LinkedIn by showing their profile on Gmail while you are sending them an email.

This a professional Tinder app except instead of dating, this app uses your tagged interests, location, and professional experience to find 10-15 inspiring profiles each day. You can swipe anonymously and get notified when there is a match from both sides. Once you match with someone you can both plan to meet and share your idea.

4. Improve the Patient Experience

Often, people simply won’t call their doctor, even when they know they need to. Why is that? Well, it might be due to the fact that it can often be difficult to get through to the practice, especially in the winter months when it seems like everyone is getting sick. Social media removes the obstacle of the phone call, and instead allows patients to get in touch quickly and effortlessly. For your admin staff, replying to a message is much faster than making a phone call, so they will be able to get through their to-do list with a lot more gusto.

5.Gain Some Valuable Feedback

By far one of the biggest advantages of social media is the fact that it’s a great communication tool. Across multiple channels, users are able to chat with each other, ask questions, and gain feedback on your services. It’s important that doctors are open and available to their patients, and that you open up a two-way avenue of communication. By finding out what your patients think of the service you provide, and what they would like to see you change, you’ll be able to tweak your methods to provide them with the best treatment possible. At the end of the day, your patients are the heart and soul of your practice- so make sure you listen to them!

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