10 Free Content Marketing Tools Every Startup Should Be Using

Digital Marketing: Content Marketing Tols
  1. For Finding Content: | “Let your story create great ideas” |

Like a good storyteller, a good content writer also have to address a problem then present a solution. Here are some of the tools for you to find popular content ideas on web and social media. You can use these tools for finding trending topics and related content.

a) Buzzsumo: Get popular articles related to your topic

b) ContentIdeator : Get popular topic and ideas

2. Content Headline: | “Do great things from your soul and a river moves in you” |

“When you do great things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you”. Make your headline so clear and powerful that the reader can feel the flow of the content. You can use this tool for finding a topic for your blog.

a) Hubspot Blog Topic Generator: Create powerful headline for your article

3. For Content Creation: | “A parachute doesn’t work if it isn’t opened” |

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it isn’t opened.” Write something with a powerful motive so that people can easily understand and learn from your article. You can use following tools for checking grammar, readability and plagiarism respectively.

a) Grammerly : For grammar and spelling check

b) Hemingway : For better readability

c) Unplag : Check plagiarism in your article.

4. For Graphics: | “Imagination will take you everywhere” |

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”. Imagine colors which you like the most and then ask your friends which one they like. Doing this research while making a poster/banner will help you to paint your article with a beautiful theme. You can use Canva to design beautiful and interactive posters.

a) Canva : Free and easy to learn design tool.

5. For Promotion: | “You are your only limit” |

After writing your article, it’s time for you to promote it. You can use following tools for email marketing, social media and posting Q&A respectively.

a) Mailchimp: Free email marketing tool

b) Hootsuite: Free social media sharing tool

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